Fashion Show Services
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A well organized, effective, and entertaining show.
In order to ensure a seamless fashion event, our entire production staff continues to meet regularly to discuss the next
wave of trends and examine new ways to achieve maximum impact for your attendees. In short, we are as passionate
about your event as you are.

Store/designers to participate in the fashion show.
A complete list of boutiques, designers, and stores to customize any show. Strength in featuring hottest trends, dramatic pieces and wearable fashion. We have relationships with stores which enables us to borrow clothes more eaisily than an organization.

Fashion show coordinator.
Highly trained in all aspects of the show, she is responsible for the models, the back room, the runway, technical issues and completes a two page, single spaced check list to see all details and aspects of the show are covered prior to the model and guest arrival. She arrives up to three hours prior to show time and is the primary contact for the chairperson.

Professional commentator.
Upon availability, Nichole Niemann is Fashions with Flair's exclusive commentator. She has over 20 years of experience commentating. She is youthful, crisp, clear and totally up to date on fashion trends. Nichole has handled hundreds of high profile shows and handles customize commentary like biographies on guest models with ease. She is the most sought after commentator in the industry. She also tailors her commentary to meet the needs of a theme show or give minimal commentary for a couture client.

Professional dressers.
Our dressers are the most experienced in the industry. They have a minimum of three shows training. They are professionally paid and as such have a lot of responsibility. Our dressers are responsible for setting up the entire back room with racks and tables, they make sure the area is completely clean, they ensure that the clothes are organized by model and that there is no damage to the garments and they steam iron each piece for a perfect appearance on the runway. They, of course, also button and zip the models during the show and check to be sure they are in the right order and in the right outfit. The dresser will also help reorganize the clothes when they are finished.

Professional sound technician and professional sound system-
Our list of djs all has top quality sound systems, a large repertoire of music and dress professionally. Our djs are highly trained in fashion show production and deliver high-energy entertainment and are very experienced on how to incorporate music beginning, in the middle and at the conclusion of each segment. He will be available to play music for the luncheon prior to the show as well.

Garment selection.
Two fashion show coordinators are sent out on each pull. This maximizes the variety, efficiency, and frees up the store's time. Fashions with Flair's entire staff has a production meeting prior to each pull to ensure the client's requests and themes are incorporated. The coordinators are highly experienced in fashion show production, scripting, and accessory selection. This gives your show a cohesive and coordinated look on the runway. We do not place an "order" with a store. This is what sets us apart.

Clothes transportation for all participating stores via company van.
The company van is equipped with stationary racks to hang the garments on as well as having a supply of clothing bags to transport the clothes. Our drivers are polite, careful, and reliable.

Site survey.
A production manager makes a visit to the site to determine fashion show requirements. This includes runway layout, changing room facilities, rack availability, dj and commentator placement and any other miscellaneous items that need to be addressed prior to the day of the show.

Theme implementation.
Fashions with Flair's strength lies in entertaining and sophisticated fashion show production. Based on our client's requests, we are able to transform our production into exactly what is desired.

Fashion show props.
Fashions with Fair has a vast warehouse of props available to our clients to enhance the theme of the production.

Professional steamers for model change area.
Mirrors for change area.

The following is what would typically be included in your show presentation.
If you have something special in mind, just ask - We love to customize our product!